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            Good luck in the year of the OX!

            Updatetime:2021-02-11 23:59:00

            Good luck in the year of the OX!
            Thank you for your trust and support as always. We wish you all the best in the New Year!

            Looking back on the last year, we have been through so much! COVID 19 came out unexpectedly in the new year's holiday,without holiday journey, without run the good wishes, suddenly everything seems to slow down, but time is still stable, countless expectations become waiting..
            Facing COVID 19, the people of HIGHER did not flinch, did not hesitate, became the most beautiful rebels, United and firm, with all kinds of dedication in HIGHER
            At the most serious moment of the epidemic COVID 19, we quickly active, leaders worked in the front, prepared prevention materials in the shortest time, brings a sense of security with the warmest words, and solved the problem of the project with sufficient preparation.
            Facing COVID 19, the BSD purchased material procurement and effectively,
            The GMO prepared a love start-up package for each HIGHER person
            HIGHER Party branch plays the role of Party members, is not afraid of the COVID 19, and works with Party members in the town to serve the people, composing a beautiful landscape
            Tragic wonderful, without the slightest hesitation, selfless dedication, women do not let men!

            Review of 2020
            January 2020: all members of the group unite as one, actively fight the COVID 19
            February 2020: implement online and offline flexible office mode, and linkage with epidemic prevention and control
            March 2020: the group fully resumed work and Jiangsu factory resumed production
            April 2020: relocation of Shanghai headquarters office and Shanghai general warehouse
            May 2020: Siemens HLS10 intelligent digital exhibition hall starts
            June 2020: successful delivery of HIC intelligent modular transmission system Shanghai DURR project
            July 2020: HLS10 series products international automobile lightweight exhibition successfully participated
            August 2020: HIGHER Headquarters Center Building project was signed
            September 2020: HLS10 intelligent robot won the 10th Golden Bridge Award
            October 2020: successful delivery of DES digital twin system Shenyang BMW project
            October 2020: approved for CATL Group supply chain qualified
            November 2020: HIW automatic workstation Shanghai Xinpeng project successfully delivered
            November 2020: Beidou Aerospace Automobile Industry digital system cooperation launched
            December 2020: approved Hymson Group supply chain qualified
            December 2020: release of HIMATIC series electrical products
            December 2020: HLS10 series is recognized by Jiangsu new products

            There is no difficulty in the culture of HIGHER. In the face of almost stagnant business, various uncertain situations, and countless unimaginable communication, the people of HIGHER unite as one, are diligent and realistic, and actively innovate. They show the most beautiful smile for our customers and partners with wisdom and sweat.

            What you must have in 2021 is a surgical mask. How can you running automation without HIGHER!